Here you can find examples of knowledge, experience and insights from the project.

— Platforms and Ecosystem strategy – Seminar February 10 – 2021

Welcome and Digitala Stamnbanan introduction – Magnus Mörstam

Intro to platform and ecosystem strategies – Alexandra Kafka Larsson – Content Perspective AB

Creating an innovation platform for Volvo Trucks – Reza Javaheri – Volvo AB

Marketplace experiences from Siemens Mendix and MindSphere – Rikard Skogh – Siemens

Insights on B2B platforms in the European market – Matthias Walter – Fastbreak One

Network effects – Sameer Singh – Breadcrumbvc & Sabrina Guzmán – TheNTWK

Nurturing platform ecosystems via Boundary resources – Amir Zadeh – Combitech

A quick intro to Platform Innovation Kit – Matthias Walter – Fastbreak One

— Platforms and Ecosystem strategy – Seminar October 07 – 2020

Panel discussion

Introduction and welcome

Mapping Ecosystem – Fredrik Svahn – University of Gothenburg

Intro to platforms – Alexandra Larsson Combitech

Daniel Akenine – Microsoft

Henrik Vikberg – AWS

Interview Sydved

Rikard Skogh – Siemens