The Digitala Stambanan Production project involves several talented doctoral students from the Division of Production Systems at Chalmers. This team belongs to the Department Industrial and Material Sciences. We can now tell that one of them, Clarissa Alejandra González Chávez has successfully defended her thesis this week. The title of the thesis is “Sustainability-as-a-Service: Advancing digital servitization for industrial sustainability.”

🌿 Clarissa’s research is essential in redefining how we approach industrial sustainability by delivering value through services instead of tangible products. Her thesis, a comprehensive study based on six different studies across various industries, addresses integrating sustainability at the core of digitally enabled services. Her research shows how digital servitization can benefit from economic, environmental, and social sustainability drivers.

💡 Key highlights:

  • The thesis proposes the concept of “Sustainability-as-a-Service”, promoting the idea of sustainability as a primary source of value in business models.
  • Clarissa identified and addressed various challenges in adopting digital service models, including economic, technical, organizational, and contextual barriers.
  • The research resulted in proposed frameworks for Sustainability-as-a-Service, which are empirically evaluated and offer both theoretical and practical insights.
Clarissa González
Clarissa González

Work package manager

Digitala Stambanan Production

👏 This work isn’t only academically significant; it has real-world implications and helps industrial practitioners move towards more sustainable methods where value is not solely tied to tangible assets. We congratulate Clarissa on her fantastic achievement and thank her for contributing to a more sustainable future within the industry!

Read more about Clarissa’s thesis:ález-Chávez-538429/


Digitala Stambanan strengthens the Swedish industry through digitalization of value chains. The project is a collaborative project financed by Vinnova and participating companies. The work is now underway in two tracks through the strategic innovation programs PiiA (Processindustriell IT & Automation), which drives the Digitala Stambanan IndTech project, and Produktion2030, which runs the Digitala Stambanan Produktion project.