Last Thursday, a well-received workshop based on the Travel Guideā€™s (Reseguidens) content was conducted for several companies at ShiftLabs, MITC in Eskilstuna.

Last Thursday, Digitala Stambanan conducted a well-received digitalization workshop at ShiftLabs, Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center (MITC) in Eskilstuna, led by Martin Friis and Magnus Mörstam. During the day, participants were introduced to the Travel Guide (Reseguiden), a methodology developed within the Digitala Stambanan project to facilitate industrial digital transformation.

The Travel Guide offers a structured approach to supporting companies through five steps: Anchor, Current State, Opportunities & Vision, Challenges, and Prioritize and Create an action plan. Combining theory with practice, participants assessed their digital maturity, considered opportunities, and reflected on challenges, eventually prioritizing and breaking down ideas into concrete activities. We thank MITC for hosting and planning similar events in the fall to share knowledge and insights from the Digitala Stambanan project.

Digitala Stambanan strengthens the Swedish industry through digitalization of value chains. The project is a collaborative project financed by Vinnova and participating companies. The work is now underway in two tracks through the strategic innovation programs PiiA (Processindustriell IT & Automation), which drives the Digitala Stambanan IndTech project, and Produktion2030, which runs the Digitala Stambanan Produktion project.