Currently, the maturity assessments of the manufacturing companies in the project are ongoing.

In the Digitala Stambanan Produktion project, the plan is to map and assess the digital maturity level for all manufacturing companies involved in the three value chains. The project uses the “Industry 4.0 Maturity Index”, a method developed in Germany. Adaptations have been made to the method to create a methodology that fits better to Swedish conditions.

In the project’s various value chains, the manufacturing companies will first be mapped individually before each value chain is brought together to find opportunities for better collaboration along the value chain with the help of digitization.

So far, during the autumn, mapping has been carried out at Volvo Powertrain in Skövde and Nitator in Oskarström. Before the summer, the mapping of Volvo Trucks in Tuve was done, which has also been presented now in the autumn.
Common to all assessments carried out so far is the wonderful commitment and openness of the companies concerned. That’s promising for the work ahead!

Hanna, Anders, Malin, Magnus, Therese, Dan and Stefan at the visit to Volvo Powertrain in Skövde.

Martin, Maria, Magnus and Ralf during the visit to Nitator in Oskarström

Digitala Stambanan strengthens the Swedish industry through digitalization of value chains. The project is a collaborative project financed by Vinnova and participating companies. The work is now underway in two tracks through the strategic innovation programs PiiA (Processindustriell IT & Automation), which drives the Digitala Stambanan IndTech project, and Produktion2030, which runs the Digitala Stambanan Produktion project