Digitala Stambanan IndTech

The overall purpose of the project Digitala Stambanan IndTech is to strengthen the competitiveness of the Swedish raw material and process industry and its ecosystem of technology suppliers in order to increase the value of the raw material and products in the industrial value chains. The goal is to turn digitization into business opportunities.
When companies communicate effectively with each other, great values ​​are created. It happened physically when the railways were built in the 19th century and it now takes place in the form of digital exchange of information. Then as now, it is about a system change with a transformative impact on the industry. To streamline production and switch to a more sustainable industry, IndTech is used, the technology that makes the industry smart. It is both about new technology being developed according to the needs of industry, but also about technology from other areas of use being adapted to and used in industry.

Digitala Stambanan IndTech starts with three defined value chains and will gradually define two more value chains to realize values ​​by proposing new system concepts and architectures, but also pay attention to structural obstacles in industrial business ecosystems.
The project is about digitization in practice with all the challenges of reality. An important activity is therefore also the feedback to the industry about experiences gained, Best Practice and inspiration for the effects to be widely disseminated. The project will strengthen the test bed IndTech Lab; here is an opportunity to meet, discuss, analyze and test for a more efficient use of data in collaboration and transactions between different actors.

Anders OE Johansson PiiA

Anders OE Johansson, Senior Advisor PiiA and RISE

[email protected]