Work Package 2 – Value Chain AB Volvo and Sansera

Work package 2 studies the product flow of the connecting rod and motor. The connecting rod is followed from the Fraunthal forge in Germany to machining at Sansera and then to the Volvo Group.

The engine consists of the components engine block (Powertrain) and gearbox, which involves a flow from Volvo Skövde and Volvo Köping to assembly in Volvo Tuve. The flow will also be followed internationally to Volvo Gent and Hagerstown with components from Volvo Tuve.

Today’s value chain shares digital information flows and wants to expand this with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) to create autonomous quality controls and increased traceability of materials and components. Information about the material, steel certificate, from the steel supplier is included with the connecting rod, which means Volvo has information about which steel has been used for the connecting rod. Data flows, digital threads, and internal value chains will be examined in more details in the value chain.

Adriana Ito
Adriana Ito

Work Package Manager

Digitala Stambanan Production

Partners in the work package

  • Sansera: Manufactures components for the automotive industry, including connecting rods for Volvo Powertrain.

  • Volvo Powertrain: Assembles engine blocks.

  • Volvo Köping: Processes and assembles gearboxes.

  • Volvo Trucks: OEM of trucks.

  • Aixia: Technology provider collecting and processing of data (such as photos and video) using an innovative proprietary tool for data management, SnapXS.

  • Empir Industry: Technology provider that supports manufacturing industries by connecting existing information using intelligent systems to create interoperability.

  • PTC: Technology provider of IoT platform, PLM systems, industrial automation, etc.

  • KPMG: Technology provider and consulting with a focus on digitalization and 5G.

  • Microsoft: Technology provider of cloud solutions for data storage, etc.

  • Rockwell Automation: Technology provider with a focus on industrial automation and IT.

  • HMS Networks: Technology, hardware and software, provider for connecting production equipment.

  • Chalmers University of Technology: Academic partner and work package leader.

  • Teknikföretagen: Project support and execution.

  • Combient: Contributes to data collection, analysis, and dissemination of results to Combient’s member companies.