Work Package 4 – Stena Industry Innovation Lab (SII-Lab) – Testbed and Demonstrators

Work Package 4 – Stena Industry Innovation Lab (SII-Lab) – Testbed and Demonstrators:

  1. Digital value chains connected to several Industrial IoT platforms
  2. AI for quality assurance and tracking of products and materials
  3. Digitalization level
  4. Data as a Service

The testbed (SII-Lab) conducts activities in these four areas to increase digitalization in the three value chains. In the testbed, solutions (Proofs of Concepts and Value) are demonstrated for increased understanding and discussion within the value chains to connect to digital platforms. In addition, workshops are conducted in the project’s value chains, focusing on more specific issues, e.g., data sharing, coding of information and knowledge, standardization of information formats, etc.

Prof. Johan Stahre
Prof. Johan Stahre

Work Package Manager

Digitala Stambanan Production

Workshops are also conducted between the project’s value chains, focusing on issues such as how 5G can be used, what digital maturity level companies need, and how AI can be used for tracking and quality assurance within the value chain. The work package also collects results and experiences from the various work packages and creates a synthesis and knowledge about the digitalization of industrial value chains. Activities are also carried out to market and communicate about the testbed to increase knowledge and purchasing competence concerning digitalization, integration, and communication.

Partners in the work package

  • Aixia: Technology provider collecting and processing of data (such as photos and video) using an innovative proprietary tool for data management, SnapXS.

  • PTC: Technology provider of IoT platform, PLM systems, industrial automation, etc.

  • KPMG: Technology provider and consulting with a focus on digitalization and 5G.

  • Microsoft: Technology provider of cloud solutions for data storage, etc.

  • Empir Industry: Technology provider that supports manufacturing industries by connecting existing information using intelligent systems to create interoperability.

  • Rockwell Automation: Technology provider with a focus on industrial automation and IT.

  • ChainTraced: Technology provider with a digital platform solution for digitalized product certificates.

  • HMS Networks: Technology, hardware and software, provider for connecting production equipment.

  • Chalmers University of Technology: Academic partner and work package leader.