Work Package 5 – Collaboration and Utilization

An essential task for work package 5 is to achieve collaboration and exchange of knowledge between the other work packages in Digital Stambanan Produktion and with the parallel project Digitala Stambanan IndTech (DSI). Work package 5 gathers knowledge and experiences from the other work packages. Knowledge and experiences are analyzed and presented for dissemination within and beyond the project consortium to spread the project’s result.

A joint communication plan together with Digitala Stambanan IndTech is followed to create a significant project impact. Project-wide network meetings promote the exchange of knowledge and experience, contributing to increased collaboration between project partners, work packages, and projects. The knowledge is communicated in an easy-to-understand way. Dissemination beyond the project consortium takes place via seminars and communication materials published on to strengthen the brand “Digitala Stambanan” and increase interest in the digitalization of value chains. New technology workshops and modules in Engineer4.0 focusing on digital value chains are being developed as a result of findings in the project. The “Travel guide” is conceptualized and validated by selected industry parties in the project.

Martin Friis
Martin Friis

Work Package Manager

Digitala Stambanan Production

Partners in the work package

  • Teknikföretagen: Work package management and execution.

  • Halmstad University: Engineer 4.0 coordinator.

  • Combient: Access to networks in the industry, data collection, analysis, and dissemination of results to Combient’s member companies and platform (Collegial) for Engineer 4.0.

  • Chalmers University of Technology: Development and execution.

  • EIT Manufacturing CLC North: Networking and dissemination.