Digitala Stambanan Production

Digitala Stambanan Produktion is a project within the strategic innovation program Produktion2030, financed by Vinnova’s strategic area for “Sustainable Industry.” The project focuses on increasing the use of digital platforms and raising the digital maturity level in the discrete manufacturing industry.

The project is organized in six work packages and involve industrial manufacturing companies, technology and system providers, academia, and network organizations. Work packages 1-3 investigate real value chains with the constellation of numerous industrial manufacturing companies in the same value chain. The current way of working in the value chains, focusing on the interfaces between actors (meaning supplier, customers in the value chain), are mapped. The next step is to investigate how digital technologies can increase data sharing and collaboration in the value chains based on findings in the mapping.

Work package 4 develops working methods and demonstrators of digitalization in value chains based on the current way of working established in work packages 1-3. Work package 5 collect and synthesis information and findings from the other work packages for dissemination of generic results and knowledge about the digitalization of value chains for an audience both within and beyond the project consortium. Work package 5 also arranges activities for networking and sharing of experiences across the other work packages and individual project partners. Work package 6 runs project management and reporting.

Maja Bärring
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Work Packages

Work Package 1 – Value Chain in Automotive

Work package 1 focuses on the logistics flows, the ability to meet customers’ demand on reduced lead times, and requirements for traceability of products and materials through the production process.

Work Package 2 – Value Chain AB Volvo and Sansera

Work package 2 studies the product flow of the connecting rod and motor.

Work Package 3 – Value Chain Sandvik Coromant with customers

Work package 3 studies a value chain consisting of two levels but with several customers to one supplier, Sandvik Coromant.

Work Package 4 – Stena Industry Innovation Lab (SII-Lab) – Testbed and Demonstrators

Work package 4 will work with four focus areas aimed at creating digital value chains

Work Package 5 – Collaboration and Utilization

Work package 5 gathers knowledge and experiences from the other work packages.

Work package 6 - Project management and reporting

Work package 6 consists of project management and coordination of the five other work packages.